Water Parks in Mumbai You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Mumbai is known for its beautiful ocean and it always attracts so many tourists to marine drive in daylight and sea link at night time. But when the temperature is high, there is no better option to explore the options of water park In Mumbai city.

In this article, I will cover the best water parks in Mumbai, where you can enjoy your weekend with your friends and family.


Fair enough,

So next time, if you feel your city is peaking in summer, then you can explore the best water parks in Mumbai lists which I’m going to show you.

Best Water parks in Mumbai you shouldn’t miss out!

1. Water kingdom

If you live close to Borivali East, then Water Kingdom Water Park will be a perfect place for water activities and entertainment. It is also the largest Asia park. How awesome it is to experience that. Isn’t it?

It is a family and kids-based water park especially. So, if you want to spend time with your family and enjoy it. You should visit there because there are lots of rides there.


10 AM-6 PM

Tickets price

For adults: Rs.1250

For kids:    Rs.825



2. Great Escape Water Park:

Water Park is known for its lush green and is spread across a dozen acres of land. Interestingly by its name, you will get an idea that it prevents you from the heating sun if you go there.

It’s will a thrilling experience for you guys and it’s offers so many adventurous rides.


10 AM – 6 PM on Monday to Saturday and on Sunday and Public holidays, timings will be 9 AM – 6 PM


For kids, Rs 200 + Rs 549( Food)

For Adults Rs 250 + Rs 649 ( Food)

3. Nishiland water park:

Nishiland Water Park is a very popular water park in Mumbai. It is there in the Mumbai- Pune expressway. It is very big, nearly 55 acres of land, and offers a variety of rides. If you come to this place, you must try the Dubb jacuzzi, Wave pool, and Lazy River. Moreover, it also features a Rain dance.


10 Am- 6 Pm

Ticket price

For adults is Rs 325 and Rs for kids is Rs 300

4. Suraj Water Park

Suraj Water Parks are known for its amazing and dynamic rides which are suitable for all age groups here. It is also an award-winning entertainment spot in Mumbai. It’s a good place for loved ones and enjoy their summertime with some adventure and fun


 No offs between the week, and open From 10 AM – 6 PM


Rs 800 for kids and Rs 650 for adults

5. Royal Garden Water Park

Tired of facing boring days and want to take a break from your schedule, then Royal Garden Water Park is something for you. It consists of 15 slides, 4 swimming pools, waves, and a waterfall too.

Adding to this, it also includes a rain dance and complimentary food.

6. Ammu Water Park

Ammu Water Park is spread over 8 acres of land and it is filled with lush green. It is situated near the Ulhas River. It is also one of the cheapest water parks in the Mumbai city which is 55 km from the city center. However, its impressive rides and dancing rain make that water park so popular.


 It is open on the days of the week, 9.45 AM – 4.45 PM


Rs 499 for adults and Rs 350 for kids

7. Shivganga water park

Shivganga Water Park is one of the amazing water parks that I have been part of. Last year, I visited this place and enjoyed it with my friends. Trust me! This water park is spread over 10 acres of land and some of the popular rides at Shivganga water park are mini train, helicopter ride, horse ride, cat ride, car duck ride, etc.


9.00 AM – 6.00 PM


Rs 850 for adults and children is Rs 750

8. Wet N Joy Water Park

A 60,000-square-foot swimming pool includes a water maze, wavy rivers, a rain dance and more than 10 slides and an entertainment spot at this waterpark makes that place awesome.

 This place is for all the people. One thing to be noted is that one day is not enough for you to enjoy all the attractions of this water park, so you need to plant this before.


9.00 AM – 6 PM 

Tickets price

For adults: Rs 850 and for kids: Rs 700

9. Panoramic Resort and Water Park

Another amazing water park in Mumbai is Panoramic Resort. It also gives you the luxury to enjoy that place even if you have less time. The best part about this water park is that it is near Karnala Bird Sanctuary. So if you’re a water loves as well as a nature lover, then this place is waiting for you to come

It covers a shower bridge, rides for all ages, and mushroom waterfalls.


9.00 Am – 6.00 Pm

Tickets price

For adults: Rs 850, For Kids: Rs 650

10. Shangrilla Resorts and Water Park

Shangrilla Water Park will give you the feeling of an Infant for sure. This place is for all the ages. Guess what they are having in the bank? It includes a Jacuzzi, water coasters, family slides, a lazy river, and a wonderful swimming pool.

If still you think, can it be more? So my answer is yes because it includes synthetic rain with a song of Hindi – Punjabi songs and English songs


10.00 Am- 6.00 Pm


Adults: Rs 650 and kids: Rs 400

11. Pali Beach Resort and Water park

Pali Beach and water park has an amazing view of the shores. There are lots of sports which are played by tourists like cricket, volleyball, football, etc. This place is perfect for enjoying the seaside as well as exploring the options for water activities.


10.00 Am- 6.00 Pm


Rs 800

12. Paradise Funland

Paradise Funland is less popular with people than the other Water parks that I mentioned above. But if you get an idea of what this place is all about, then you can’t resist coming.

Because of its awesome slides, mushroom pools, and water goat merry trip is the main thing you should explore.


11.00 Am – 6.00 Pm


Adults: Rs 700 and Kids: Rs 600

13. H2O Waterpark

One of the most famous water parks in Maharashtra is H2O Water Park. It is there in the city of Aurangabad. It is famous for its live music, great walks, rain dancing, and the best thing is there are so many water activities for non-swimmers. I believe your mood will be pleased.


 9.00 AM – 7 P.M


Rs 400 for adults and Kids Rs 300


What is the difference between an amusement park and a water park?

An amusement park refers to a park that includes rides, attractions, food stalls, and entertainment events, whereas a water park refers to a park that includes water activities like a swimming pool, wavy river, water slides synthetic rainfall, etc.

What not to wear to a water park?

Usually in water parks, families come to enjoy, so for females, you shouldn’t wear bikinis or very short dresses because this type of dress is not suitable, especially in the family entertainment place.

Can I wear cotton clothes in a swimming pool?

Cotton absorbs water, so it’s not a good idea to go for that, so try those clothes who doesn’t hold water.

What cloth is waterproof?

Polyester fabric is a waterproof fabric. It is comprised of plastic stuff that works as the layer for waterproofing.

What type of dress should wear in Water Parks?

According to swimwear policy, nylon or lycra material will be favorable in water because other dresses may expose your body badly.


Mental stress is scary and especially in summer, it worsens, so to minimize the mental stress, you need to spend time with your family or loved ones and in the summers, going to a water park is a great source of entertainment.

I hope this weekend, you will be going to the water parks in Mumbai and the list I mentioned of the water park will surely help you in deciding according to your location, interests, and budget.

Had a great time here while reading my article. I am looking forward to your views in the comment section!

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