Top 5 Mistakes After Knee Replacement: Never Do 

Knee Replacement, also known as a knee arthroplasty. It is a very general successful surgery for people suffering from arthritis and pain in their knee. This article will discuss the top 5 mistakes after knee replacement based on clinically experienced doctors. Let’s have a look at these mistakes.


Mistake #1:

To Skip Physical Therapy or Exercise

If the doctor advises you to do some exercise you should never avoid them. Sometimes people avoid physical therapy and exercises as they fear if they move their leg it will be painful. 

Skipping exercise or physical therapy can reduce the range of motion, slower recovery, and in stiffness. 

Role of Physical Therapy in Knee Replacement 

There is a big role of exercise in knee replacement as keeping your body active may increase the recovery process. Let’s understand this through an example:- Whenever we get hurt by anything, Do we stop our movement? 

No, we don’t because if we stop moving that area where we get hurt, it will be more painful and may take a long time to recover.

Mistake #2:

To Ignore Pain and Discomfort 

Some discomfort and pain are normal in the recovery phase but any new and worsened pain can’t be ignored. You should inform the health care provider regarding your discomfort and pain. 

Sometimes people ignore these things by just thinking that pain and discomfort are normal in surgery. However, if You are facing this health issue first or second time you should inform the health care specialist first.

What If You Ignore Pain and Discomfort?

ATTENTION! If you are ignoring pain and discomfort in knee replacement you are in danger as it may be –

  1. Complications Identification Delay 
  2. Reduced Functionality 
  3. Increased risk of Injury 
  4. Prolonged Recovery 
  5. Psychological Impact

Therefore, It is essential to inform your healthcare provider regarding the pain and discomfort you are facing in knee replacement. 

Mistake #3

To Not Follow Doctor’s Orders

Every Patient wants recovery as soon as possible by medicines or surgery. Isn’t it right? 

Yeah, I know I am right. However, it can be complicated if you do not follow the post-surgery guidelines provided by the surgeon.

They tell us to avoid all these things that prolong the healing process. Here are a few restrictions Surgeons always order the patients to follow.

List of Restrictions for Knee Replacement Patients

  • Weight- Bearing Limitations
  • Bending and Twisting 
  • Avoid High-Impact Activities 
  • Lifting Restrictions
  • Driving Limitations 
  • ‘Medication and Activity Restrictions

Mistake #4

To Do High-Impact Activities Too Soon 

High-impact activities like – Running, Jumping, or doing any exercise that pressurizes the knee may damage the replaced knee. It’s necessary to take advice from your healthcare provider before getting involved in any activity or sports. 

List of High-Impact Activities


2. Jumping 

3. High-Impact Aerobics

4. Contact Sports 

5. Downhill Skiing 

6. Tennis and Racquet Sports 

7. Certain Dance Forms ( Ballet, Hip Hop, and Modern Dance, etc.)

In cases of knee replacement or knee-related issues, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or physical therapist to determine which activities are safe and appropriate based on the specific condition and stage of recovery. Low-impact exercises and activities that prioritize knee stability and minimize stress on the joint may be recommended for individuals with knee concerns.

Mistake #5

Neglecting Overall Health & Rehabilitation 

If you are, Focusing solely on knee recovery and neglecting overall health can hinder progress. Poor nutrition, smoking, and neglecting other medical conditions can negatively impact the healing process. 

If you engage in a holistic approach to recovery, including a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and addressing other health concerns, It can support optimal healing post-surgery.

You are bored by reading all these things but my friend it is necessary for your health. So, These are top 5 mistakes after knee replacement.

Let’s check the list of Do’s and don’ts for your knee replacement.

List of Do’s & Don’ts in Knee Replacement 

Follow post-operative exercises and therapy prescribed by healthcare professionals for optimal recovery.Neglect or skip recommended physical therapy sessions or exercises.
Maintain a healthy and balanced diet to support healing and overall well-being.Ignore any signs of infection, increased pain, or unusual swelling in the knee; seek medical attention promptly.
Use assistive devices (e.g., cane, walker) as recommended to aid in walking and prevent falls.Avoid adhering to weight-bearing restrictions or overexerting the replaced knee.
Keep the surgical site clean and follow proper wound care instructions to prevent infections.Neglect or delay attending follow-up appointments with the surgeon or healthcare provider.
Gradually increase physical activity levels under guidance and avoid high-impact activities initially.Engage in high-impact sports or activities like running, jumping, or contact sports without clearance from healthcare professionals.
Practice proper body mechanics when performing daily activities to minimize strain on the knee joint.Twist or over-bend the knee beyond recommended limits, especially during the initial recovery phase.
Use ice or heat therapy as advised to manage pain and reduce swelling in the knee.Discontinue prescribed medications without consulting the healthcare provider.
Communicate openly with healthcare providers about any concerns or changes in symptoms experienced post-surgery.Neglect overall health; maintain a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, hydration, and managing other medical conditions.
Table of Do’s and Don’ts in knee replacement

This table provides a brief overview of recommended actions (Do’s) and activities to avoid (Don’ts) following knee replacement surgery. However, it’s crucial to follow the personalized instructions provided by the healthcare team as every individual’s situation may differ based on their specific surgery, medical history, and recovery progress.

5 Fun Things to Do After Knee Replacement 

After having a successful knee replacement, you are very happy and want a party? 

No, My friend.

It is not the correct time to have a party but you can do these things to have some fun.

  1. Gentle Yoga 
  2. Creative Hobbies(Crafting, Painting, drawing, Knitting, or playing a musical instrument)
  3. Low-Impact Exercise Classes
  4. Mindfulness and Meditation 
  5. Cooking or Baking 

Final Thoughts 

However, Knee replacement is a tough part of our body we can recover it by proper caring, following prescriptions, a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy routine. Always avoid those top 5 mistakes after knee replacement that we have discussed above.

If you are feeling bored by taking regular rest, you can consult your health care provider and Do above mentioned activities. I am sure that those fun activities will help you to recover fast.

Thanks for being with me till the end of the article.:-)

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