Top 10 budget-friendly banquet halls in Ghaziabad

Marriage has always been a special day for everyone related to the bride’s and groom’s family. As a father of a daughter, it’s always been a huge responsibility that he has to fulfill. And also for the good memories because this day will never come again and again so everyone related to this wants to feel special on that particular day.

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However, If you’re in Ghaziabad and looking for budget-friendly banquet halls then you don’t need to look further because this article is for you.

Top 10 budget-friendly banquet halls in Ghaziabad

1. Amaryllis Events and conferences

Amaryllis Events and Conferences is in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. This place is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable classical and modern Banquet hall.

The area of the hall is vast and it can host up to 350 people. It also provides one room for the groom and bride’s family. 

Additionally, it also provides DJ services, catering, and decoration at above-fixed cost.

Prices per place for vegetarians:            Rs. 900

Prices per place for  non-vegetarians:    Rs. 1050

2. Convention Hall

The conventional hall is in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. The hall is decent in size and covers up to 100 people at a time. 

Prices per place for vegetarians:  Rs. 1200

Prices per place for  non-vegetarians:  Rs. 1300

3.Hotel Samrat Saushambi

Hotel Samrat Kaushambi is a great option to go for a wedding function. It is a place where you will experience a premium place at a budget-friendly cost. It covers up to 200 people which is a decent number if you want to throw a small party related to the wedding.

Prices per place for vegetarians: Rs. 500

Prices per place for Non-vegetarians: Rs. 600

4. La Pearl banquet

La Pearl Banquet is in VaibhavKhand Indirapuram location. It’s an amazing place for vegetarians. If you are planning to go for a traditional wedding then in Ghaziabad you will not find a better banquet for your wedding.

It is also easily accessible as it is near Vaishali metro station.

Prices per place for vegetarians: Rs. 700-1000

5.Amaira Hotels and Banquets

Amaira Hotels and Banquets is known for its modern and classy theme. If you’re looking for other than traditional marriage then this banquet will certainly suit you. It offers you amazing DJs, photos, videographies with the latest wedding-style events, and much more. Plus, It covers 200 people in a hall.

Prices per place for vegetarians: Rs. 750 and for Non-vegetarians is Rs. 999

6. The Great Callina Banquet

The Great Callina Banquet Hall will surely make a special day for the guest and bridegroom’s family. I’m saying this because of their professional management, event-handling skills, and beautiful gestures.

They will cover every part of your wedding and you don’t need to worry about anything because things will work accordingly.

They value the customer’s priority first and then the profile as I have experienced that in my relative’s wedding last year at this venue.

It covers 1200 people including an indoor and outdoor hall.

Prices per place for vegetarians: Rs. 1400

7. Hotel Abhay Palace

Hotel Abhay Palace is in Vaishali, Ghaziabad. It is decent and can host up to 100 people at a time. It’s a perfect destination for all the wedding functions.

Prices per place for vegetarians: Rs. 1000 per plate and for Non-vegetarians is Rs. 1150

8. The Grand Iris Banquet

The Grand Iris Banquet is where you will not regret a second for a wedding planning. This is the place where you will create beautiful memories for sure. It’s a perfect wedding place for those people who they are planning to invite at most 1000 people.

This place is for all like for a lavish wedding, simple wedding, or subtle wedding sort of.

Prices per plate for vegetarians: Rs. 1600 per plate and for Non-vegetarians is Rs. 1800. 

9. Shanti Farmhouse

Shanti farmhouse is a perfect place for both families who are planning to throw a wedding party. They offer complete arrangements for wedding programs. Therefore, you must note one thing house alcohol is not available.

You can also get your services customized according to your desires and interests.

Prices per plate for vegetarians: Rs. 500

10. Wow Palace

What if I tell you that you will get a luxurious banquet hall at an affordable price for your wedding? Sounds interesting? Yes, I am not lying Wow Palace is a place where luxury meets with a budget-friendly pocket. 

And if I talk about the banquet space, it can hold up to 300 people at a time which is a decent number. It even has menus ranging from Indian food to Italian.

Prices per plate for vegetarians: Rs. 750


How are banquet halls different from function halls?

A banquet hall is in indoors and usually does not cover a large number of people whereas function halls are different and these are there for celebrating different functions.

What are the benefits of a banquet hall?

The benefits of a banquet hall are that it is less expensive as compared to function halls and another benefit is that is favorable to all weather conditions.

How you can choose a wedding banquet hall?

You can choose a wedding banquet hall by 

1 Budget

2 Parking facility

3 Location

4 Exterior and Interior Appearance

5 Lighting and DJ services

Are DJ services included in the Banquet hall?

It depends on Banquet to Banquet hall, some have already in their package, and some you need to hire from outside. If it is from outside then you have to pay a decent amount to avail of the services because the Banquet owners will also take rent on that additionally.


From dancing to the best songs to eating your favorite foods, these banquet halls are the best of the best. I hope you will find this article helpful and will love to see your wedding experience in those above places.

I will love to see your responses in the comment section.

Thanks in advance

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