Time Management Activities:Top 10 to Boost Productivity

Time management is crucial in everyone’s life whether you are a student or professional. Without hard work and time management, we can’t succeed in life. Both of them are essential components for achieving a goal. Let me tell you that effective time management activities can help you easily achieve your goal, reduce stress, and increase your overall productivity.


It’s just a process of organizing the task which uses time more efficiently.

Now you guys are thinking of how can we implement this in our daily routine right ?? so let’s dive into it.

Set goals and priorities

First of all, we should have a target to achieve because at least we know the destination. If you have multiple goals to achieve then arrange them on a priority basis.

This will help you to analyze your milestones and allocate time effectively.

Your goals should be –

  1. Specific –  Clearly state your goals and be specific about them
  2. Measurable – Determine how will you measure your progress.
  3. Achievable –  Creating unachievable goals can cause frustration and disappointment..
  4. Time-Bound – Set a deadline for all of your goals.
  5. Celebrate Milestones – To boost your motivation celebrate your small goals on the path to a larger objective 

Break down large tasks into smaller

Most of us have a goal to be successful but note this point success doesn’t come in a single night.

This means I want to say if your goal is a larger objective then break it into small parts.

Create a checklist of subgoals as milestones. Here are some points that will help you to break down larger tasks.

  1. Identify the main goal
  2. List the sub-goals or milestones
  3. Prioritize task 
  4. Set deadline
  5. Focus on daily or weekly goals
  6. Monitor success
  7. Stay flexible
  8. Celebrate achievements

By using these steps you will easily achieve your goal and you will also feel motivated just because of monitoring success and celebrating achievements. 

Estimate how long each task will take

If we know how much time our work will take then it will be easy for us to allocate time. 

It is one of the essential parts of time management activities.  So here are some steps to estimate how long each task will take.

  1. Use experience – Experience of similar tasks can be very helpful for judgment.
  2. Research – If you are new to any task then talk to someone who has experience with a similar task 
  3. Complexity – Find the complexity of each task because a more complex task takes more time.
  4. Distractions – Be realistic with your plan and make arrangements for the distractions also 
  5. Buffer time – add some extra time to your estimated time to tackle unexpected delays.
  6. Track actual time – It will help you analyze your performance and Improve your skill 

Now, you know one of the most important things in time management activities let’s move to the next point.

Schedule time for each task.

You have created a list of sub-goals and arranged them on a priority basis. Let’s come to the point of scheduling time for each task.

We have already estimated the time requirements for the different tasks. It will help us to schedule the task.


Some points you must consider while scheduling the tasks:

  1. Review Your Task List –  This should be your first task while  scheduling the tasks
  2. Assess Your Available Time – Now calculate your overall working time.
  3. Use time blocks – Fix a time block for each task 
  4. Energy levels – The task that requires the most effort. Schedule it for when you have high-energy
  5. Include breaks –  Continuously doing activities will decrease your productivity. Including breaks will help in maintaining productivity
  6. Set reminders – Reminders will tell you whether you are on the right track or not.
  7. Stick to your schedule – Strictly follow your schedule. Don’t change it until it’s extremely important.

Make sure you follow these points while scheduling time for each task. 

It will help you to maintain time management activities. 

Delegate tasks when possible

You may feel delegation of tasks is very easy but let me tell you if you don’t delegate in the right manner it will affect your time management.

So next time whenever you delegate a task just remember these points.

  1. Identify tasks for delegation
  2. Choose the right person with the proper skillset
  3. Explain your expectation that what you want
  4. Show trust in the person 
  5. Provide necessary resources
  6. Offer him proper support

These points are important for delegation tasks because an improper delegation of tasks may create problems for you.

Take breaks when needed

Maybe you feel this point is unimportant but this plays a significant role in your overall productivity.

Let me explain how. We all know the human body is a machine. If we use it continuously without giving it rest then it will become heated up and ultimately it requires some maintenance for refunctioning.

But if we use machines under the required conditions then it will give you maximum efficiency.

Hope you have understood what I want to say. If don’t then kindly comment to us we are happy to help you.

Avoid distractions

Distraction can disturb your well-defined plan. It directly affects your time management activities which creates delays in your goals.

How to avoid distractions?

  1. Create a dedicated workspace
  2. Turn off notifications
  3. Set specific work hours
  4. Keep a to-do list
  5. Limit social media use

I know avoiding distraction is a hard process. But with self-awareness, discipline, and adaptability you can minimize it. By implementing these strategies and consistently practicing them, you can significantly improve your ability to stay focused, manage your time effectively, and achieve your goals.

Track your progress

Tracking your progress is very important as it tells us whether we are following our plan correctly or not.


It shows our milestone achievements and their time frames. Which helps us revise or update our plan

And if we are on a good track to achieving milestones within our fixed time frame then we can add that time to our upcoming activities which are complex.

Reward yourself for achieving milestones

If we timely motivate ourselves then it will be easy to maintain our productivity. Rewarding is the best method for being motivated.

It will be a best practice that you should reward yourself whenever you achieve a milestone.

The reward can be like, watching TV for half an hour, talking to someone special, spending time with friends, etc

If you implement this policy then you know after this milestone something interesting is waiting for me.

Which makes you motivated for it. But be strict toward your plan.

Forgive yourself for setbacks

Just chill, Setbacks are a part of life instead of criticizing yourself. You should focus on what you have learned from this setback and what you will do if this type of situation comes in the future.

Sometimes it is important to have a setback because it reduces stress, and increases positive energy. Which increases your productivity and helps you to take a better stand.


In this article we get to know about time management activities that help you achieve your goals whether you are a parent of a kid, student, adult, or professional These points will help you to create subgoals, time allocation, etc.

Hope you have liked this article. If yes then please share it with your friends, colleagues, family, etc

Finally, I want to ask a question and question is. After achieving a milestone what reward do you give to yourself?

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