Time and Tide Waits for None!

Clock disappearing in the hand

Part 1

“As every thread of gold was valuable so is every moment of time !!!”

A boy named Raju was clever as well as intelligent. Most waited holiday days i.e. summer holidays were outsetted.

 As usual, the teacher advised the class to go through the lesson of all the subjects which will help them to perform better in the examinations. 

Raju became too enthusiastic and energetic in order to score good grades.

Part 2

The first day with full enthusiasm Raju sat to practise Mathematics.

 Not even an hour passed, and he remembered that it was time for his cricket match with his favourite team CSK. 

Being human, Raju too preferred like others, to go behind pleasure and decided to watch the match.

He left his Maths practice which according to him is tedious. 

With the breaking of the new dawn along with new zeal and enthusiasm he was once again back with his studies but soon he heard his friends calling him to play, like earlier now also he preferred to go behind pleasure.

 Days went on watching TV, partying roaming around with friends, and gossiping about useless stuff. 

Day by day he was becoming dull and lazy and his homework kept on getting pending.

After the delightful summer holidays had finished, Raju went to school and the teachers took a surprise test of Maths.

 It was obvious that Raju was unable to solve a single sum. 

He was feeling guilty about the way he spent all his holidays and wished that he might have used that time in his studies rather than simply wasting his time on useless activities.

Part 3

He was disheartened with his performance and felt broken for all his past wrongdoings.

It was the time when he realized that Time is the same for all of us, the diligent catches hold of it, the foolish lets it another.

Time and tide waits for none.” People who work hard in the present for the betterment of their future attain great heights and people like Raju, become morons in the name of pleasure that stays for a while and leads you to failure in everything you do.

Read the story and tell your children about Raju so that your children can take a lesson from this story.

Time and Tide Waits For None!

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