Once Again – A Beautiful Love Story

Part -1

He was my first love. Maybe even the last one that I wanted more than myself. 

Saying this, Priya’s voice went silent. Nibha took her hand in her hand lovingly raised his chin and said,  are you crazy?

You are so beautiful and also successful, earlier things were different. Now you have made a successful place for yourself in the society. There will be a queue of relationships for you. If you say yes, I will get you the best life partner in the world.

No, I have completed thirty-two. After Abhay’s betrayal, I no longer dare to trust anyone else.

Sorry sister,  please forgive me. A moisture had appeared in her beautiful eyes.

Holding his hands in hers, Nibha said that not all people are the same. Life is very long.

It is not easy to spend it alone.

It’s not necessary that the bad thing that happened once would repeat in life,

No Sister, my courage was gone now and she started sobbing.

Let’s see Priya, you will fall in love once again. I know it. Priya kept looking at Nibha silently.

Nibha stood up. Okay, I am leaving, your brother-in-law will be coming.

Priya came to drop her to the door.

When he returned inside and locked the house, there was a strange silence in the house. The maid did not come today.

She made two chapatis for herself, had kept the vegetables from the night in the fridge, heated them, put them on a plate, and sat at the dining table. 

Took a morsel and put it in the throat and it felt as if it was stuck in the throat. She kept looking here and there for a while, then slowly rubbing her hands on her chest, she started thinking, Mother, why did you leave so soon??? 

Look how lonely your daughter has become. Tears kept coming out of her eyes. 


How lonely a person really becomes. When his relations go away. Nibha is her elder sister. 

She is five years older than her. They are the only two sisters. Her father died when she was seven years old.

And mother died eight years ago. The mother could not live long with the happiness of her officer daughter. Mother had great difficulty managing the household expenses. 

Sister Nibha was very beautiful and had a very polite nature, so their relationship took place in a good family. 

She was also beautiful and was preparing for a job when Abhay came into her life. Whose sweet words made a place in his heart. Abhay’s support and care for her at every step took her to a different world.

 It was not that she was stupid but she had started becoming stupid in love. She understood Abhay’s intention when she went alone with him. 

The way Abhay touched her she understood what his intentions were. He had somehow saved himself by making an excuse.

One day when he again tried to come close to her, she told him in clear words not to expect anything from a girl like me before marriage. 

He got angry and quickly left from there. Then one day something happened that she had never imagined even in her dreams. 

She had heard him telling someone on the phone that he had caught the bird in the net with great difficulty and would not let it go so easily. He can buy girls like her in no time. But I have to break her pride. This girl from a poor family doesn’t know why she has so much pride that she doesn’t even give herself up and what else will she allow to be destroyed?

Now should I wear a wedding band around my neck to bring her to bed? 

For this, I had another plan.

She stood behind him and he didn’t even know. When he turned back he was stunned to see her.

He tried to change the topic but by then the matter was over. Then Piya left the city along with her mother.

She had lost faith in the word ‘’Love’’. Now there was a struggle to do something in life and to become something in life, she started preparing for the exam with full dedication, and finally, her hard work paid off and she was selected for the Indian Revenue Service.

Gradually she achieved everything in his life that she had missed for many years. She returned to his own city but now she is completely alone here.

But here was Nibha’s house. Her Sister wanted to come and live with her but she wanted to live separately.

She wanted to experience this city again. So he decided to live separately.

Thinking about his past life, she is still lost in the sea of his thoughts.

She was immersed when suddenly her phone rang.

Hello! Priya, tomorrow is Sunday, you are having lunch with me tomorrow.

It was her best friend Kavita’s call. She said ‘’Yes’’ in a subdued voice.

There was light rain on Sunday morning, he took a bath and lit a lamp in front of God.

Then had cornflakes for breakfast. Feeling lazy, she started thinking that she had to go to Kavita’s place now.

Opened the cupboard and took out a suit of ultramarine blue color and dye white. Dress yourself in a colored scarf studded with pearls and wear a white bindi.

Looking in the mirror, she left her light blonde hair open. As if she was careless about her beauty. He took out his car and left.

To reach there one had to travel for one and a half hours. These beautiful winding roads were always her favorite.

She stopped the car at a place on the way. She was mesmerized after seeing the beautiful pink-colored wild rose bush. The fresh cool breeze was touching his cheeks.

Then a serious voice interrupted his meditation. Hey madam,

why did you stop the car in the middle of the way? Anyway, the path is so narrow.

 It seems that you will agree to take someone’s life.

 Who was that???

Read the next part to know this

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