Mumbai to Lakshadweep Cruise Price 2023 (Updated)

Having holidays, wondering where to go?

If you are a sea lover, then I must say you should consider the Mumbai to Lakshadweep cruise.

Lakshadweep, a wonderful island which is known for its beautiful beaches, and clear water. In this article, We will discuss in detail about the Mumbai to Lakshadweep Cruise.


Fair enough?

Before going to detailing related to Mumbai Lakshadweep Cruise price 2023, let’s know about the Introduction of Mumbai Lakshadweep Cruise first.

Mumbai to Lakshadweep Cruise : Introduction

It is basically a fun boat trip that takes you from the City of Dream Mumbai to Vibrant Lakshadweep can experience the natural beauty of Lakshadweep by witnessing its beautiful beaches, and coral reefs. To your knowledge, the cruise’s name is Cordelia

This cruise has gained so much popularity this year.

Let’s get into the prices that you‘re waiting for

Mumbai Lakshadweep Cruise Price 2023

Let’s break down the prices so that it will be easy for you to understand and help you in planning effectively.

1. Ticket Costs: 

If I talk about the ticket costs then it totally depends on the no. of days, the location where you are heading from, and many more factors including:

           Standard: Rs.37,446

            Value: Rs.47,654

           Premium: Rs.55,854

2. Meals: 

They have two restaurants on board

(a) Chopstix

(b) Waterfront

Indian people have a wide variety of Indian dishes and interestingly they serve continental food with tandoor.

Keep in mind as you are In India therefore beef dishes do not serve. Some meats are also prohibited because these are procured from Halal. They may cause some kind of allergies in people.

3 . Activities: 

Well, activities facilities are also there like scuba diving, snorkeling, and island tours also there but you need to pay additional apart from basic expenses so recommend you budget this separately.

4. Travel Insurance:

 It is evident that wherever you go you have to opt for travel insurance so a traveler needs to bear the expenses of this.

5. Miscellaneous Expense:

 It’s been a personal choice of people to do shopping, spa, or any personal stuff which they need during travel.

Tips for Budgeting

  1. Planning in advance: It has always been a wise decision to book a ticket early so that it will not cost you that much.
  1. Compare packages: Before proceeding further, you must compare the packages between standard, value, and premium. It totally depends on the people what package they want to go for.
  1. Set a budget for activities: If you’re planning for some water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, etc then you need to consider a separate budget for this.
  1. Check for discounts: If you want a good price you need to check for offers and discounts. If you’re a discount lover then you should avoid Christmas or Indian festival days or try to book the tickets early because at peak days it will go higher.

Documents You Need While Booking a Cruise

You need to have your proof of citizenship with yourself. If you’re an Indian, you should carry a Pan card, Adhaarcard, voter card, two photographs, and passports. Whereas If you’re from another country the passport is mandatory and for other details, you need to check with your immigration authorities.


How many rooms are supposed to be on Cordelia cruise?

There are almost 800 rooms on the cruise and interestingly It can handle 1800 guests in one go. There are so many facilities are there where people can attend bars, and enjoy parties, if they want to get ready for parties then salons are also there.

Is there food there on Cordelia’s cruise?

In Cordelia’s package, food is included and apart from this your accommodation, swimming pool activities are also included.

Is travel insurance included in the package?

Travel insurance and air tickets are not included in the package, you need to pay separately for this so kindly make a budget according to that.

How to get a discount on the Mumbai Lakshadweep Cruise Price 2023?

To get a discount you need to book tickets early and try to avoid booking tickets on festival days because that will definitely tear up your pocket.

How many bags a person can carry in a cruise?

As per the rules, a person can carry 2 bags. Interestingly, there is no such item that is ban on cruises but still, you need to check for alcohol.

Is Smoking allowed on a cruise?

The good news for smokers is that it is allowed on the Cordelia cruise, but this is not permitted in the cabin as it may create discomfort to other passengers as well. 

Who is allowed to drink on a cruise?

A person whose age is above 21 can drink whatever he or she wants but they need to carry a valid Id to show.

What is the price of alcohol in Cruise?

The alcohol you will get there is quite expensive. For a Kingfisher of 330ml, you will have to pay Rs500. Guys, Carrying your own alcohol is strictly prohibited.


In conclusion, the Mumbai Lakshadweep Cruise can be a remarkable trip with your loved ones but you need to plan ahead for this so that you can enjoy offers and discounts there. I recommend you kindly check the prices regularly so that you will be updated and latest updates by ships on what things are allowed and what not. 

In the end, whoever reading this must try a Mumbai Lakshadweep cruise you will experience a different world.

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