List of Top Shopping Markets in Ghaziabad 

Shopping means a lot of money going to be spent on it. But what if I tell you that these top shopping markets will save you money?  Are you taking it as a joke? No, My friend. I am telling the 100% verified truth so today in this article, we will discuss the shopping markets in Ghaziabad. 

I love shopping and I generally go to do shopping with my friends and family. I was gone in November to buy some fancy dresses and the good thing is that I found very pretty dresses in my budget.


So, we do not waste our time on this. Let’s start our topic. Here are the Top shopping markets in Ghaziabad you should never miss. Do you know why? I will let you know later till then just check their names. 

  1. Turab Nagar Market 
  2. Ghantaghar Market 
  3. Gandhi NagarMarket 
  4. Gol Market 
  5. Shanti Market 

We will discuss all these markets in detail and to know more about it you will have read the complete article.

1. Turab Nagar Market 

Turab Nagar market is one of the best markets in Ghaziabad, even if you need home decor, or you need clothes to attend a wedding party, you should consider this market first. 

Have you ever heard? Quality is more important than quantity. You have heard this sentence. Right??

So guys, by using this sentence I want to tell you that this sentence would be wrong here because you will find everything in quality along with quantity. 


At the time of 2019 when we were preparing for our sister’s wedding, we visited the Turab Nagar Market, and when we entered that market, I was just shocked to see such a beautiful market.

Can you guess what I saw and impressed?

Let me tell you Guys, I love nature and gardening, and when I see plants and pots, I just want to see them but as we do have not more time we move to the shopping area for wedding clothes. After this, we entered to buy a Lehngaa at a shop. In the end, we bought a Lehngaa which is worth Rs.16,000 in a bright pink color. 

That was such a good feeling to see my sister as a bride. I found so many shops for many things, like utensils, travel bags, and many useful things. This is my experience in Turab Nagar Market and I am sharing with you.

2. Ghantaghar Market 

Every person wants to save his money and Ghantaghar Market is the perfect choice for this. 

The shop owners generally sell their products in SALE preferably, the shoes and slipper shops but only before the festive seasons like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, etc. 

This year when we reached Ghantaghar Market we found a SALE at a shoe shop. Can you guess how much the price was? The price only starts from Rs.250 but those shoes are not so designed and cool but we bought 1 pair for us.


When we move further, to visit the whole Ghantaghar Market we find many shops for Saree, Golds, Umbrellas, Bags and again a big shoe shop. There were two different groups of shoes- one was available at Rs.400 and the other was available at Rs.500. Due to some cool shoes we bought a single pair again. 

This market truly saved us money and it is awesome you must visit Ghantaghar Market if you need a small shopping or require a huge shopping for occasions. 

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3. Gandhi Nagar Market 

As I am writing this blog on top shopping markets in Ghaziabad I should know very well about it but to be honest, I have never visited Gandhi Nagar Market and how can I complete my blog If I will not visit that place? 

Therefore, I visited Gandhi Nagar Market to learn about it. Like every market area in Ghaziabad, it is also a nice place. However, I did not need anything to buy but when I saw some pretty dresses I bought 2 dresses(tops) for just Rs.500.

In this market, you will find clothes of Silk, Cotton, and natural fibers. Along with this, you will find many works of craftsmen and artisans for ages from generation to generation. 

They will share their knowledge and handicrafts to earn a living. 

4. Gol Market

Gol Market is famous for fancy dresses and textiles which are available in stores and shops. When we visited the Gol Market we found fancy and wearable dress stores and also in streets. We found clothes for Men, Women, and kids. 

If we talk about the price ranges, I would say that prices differ according to the quality and brand name. However, it is one of the best markets for fashionable people you must visit the market. 

5. Shanti Market

Shanti market is one of the oldest markets in Ghaziabad. You will find every type of product in this market. Like spices, homeopathic medicines, groceries, things for worship, and all other materials or things that we require for our daily lives. 

Sometimes the shopkeeper asks us for a high price but if you are with someone who has experience in marketing and bargaining you can save money. 

At all prospects, Shanti Market is a nice place for shopping if we need anything to everything we should visit Shanti Market. 

Also, If you visit Shanti Market during the festival season, you will get offers or discounts and SALE in stores. 

Final Thoughts 

Money is necessary for us to save and earn money is very important sometimes we can spend it buying some useful things for us or enjoyment. Some people like me love shopping and when you visit Ghaziabad you must visit these places for shopping. 

I hope we have covered all topics for Shopping Markets in Ghaziabad. If you have any doubts or questions you can share your thoughts or ideas with us. 

Happy Reading 🙂

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