List of Top 6 Must-Try Foods in Ghaziabad 

Food lovers always look for food doesn’t matter where they are. Food is also a basic need of human life but what if I tell you that these foods will force you to eat?  So, In this article, we will discuss the most famous food in Ghaziabad that will force you to eat.

List of Top 6 Most Famous Foods in Ghaziabad

  • Chhole – Bhature 
  • Golgappe 
  • Chole-Kulche 
  • Bread Pakode 
  • Kachodi 
  • Dahi Bhalla

1. Chhole – Bhature 

It is one of the best foods in North India and is also famous in Ghaziabad. Chhole -Bhature is a spicy and delicious food that is heavy for the stomach and takes time to digest. However, we can’t ignore it because of its taste.


 Chhole is made of Chickpeas and Bhature a kind of puri which is made of maida, not flour. This tasty dish is served with salads and spicy pickles. Whenever you reach Ghaziabad you should try it once without thinking about your body and diet. 

2. Golgappe

Golgappe is known as Pani Puri or Puchka in different regions of India. It is a popular street food snack. They consist of small, hollow, crispy shells made from wheat flour, which are filled with a mixture of flavored water (known as “pani”), tamarind chutney, chickpeas, potatoes, onions, and spices.


The eating process of Golgappa is a little bit different than other foods. The vendor fills the crispy shells with spicy and tangy water along with other ingredients before serving it immediately. There are different combinations of flavors like spicy, sweet, tangy, and savory. These different tastes attract people to eat them. 

3. Chhole-Kulche

Chhole-Kulche is a popular North Indian street food dish consisting of spicy chickpeas(chhole) served with soft and fluffy flatbreads known as Kulche. The Chhole(chickpeas) is made from flavorful and aromatic gravy made with a blend of spices. The dish can vary in spice levels and flavor profiles based on regional preferences. 

Kulche is soft, leavened bread made from all-purpose flour (maida), often with the addition of yogurt, and baking powder(sometimes baking soda). These breads are typically baked in a tandoor (clay oven) or a griddle until they puff up and have a slightly crispy exterior.

4. Bread Pakode

 Bread Pakode is a famous Indian snack. People generally love to eat with tea or at snack time. 

This pakoda is made with spicy gram flour(Besan) batter. It is filled with delicious potato or paneer stuff after a deep fry in mustard or Soyabean oil, this delicious pakora is prepared. 


Sometimes when we eat bread pakode we get some chutney of tamarind or mint which makes it more delicious. It is one of the best snack foods in Northern India. 

5. Kachodi

This delicious food is prepared with maida or whole wheat flour with a combination of oil or ghee and water. Kachodi is filled with different types of spices and feelings based on regions before frying. 


Once the filling is stuffed in the kachoris they are ready to deep-fry until they turn crispy and golden brown. They are usually served hot and can be enjoyed with different chutneys( such as tamarind or mint chutney) or sometimes with yogurt or spicy gravies. 

Kachoris are delicious street foods that are generally made at home on festivals or occasions. The crispy texture and flavourful fillings make them a beloved treat in Indian cuisine. You can also check the recipe.

6. Dahi Bhalla 

Dahi Bhalle is a delicious food made with curd, crispy balls, and deciduous chutney with a sour and sweet texture. It is a kind of chaat generally made at festivals and especially served at weddings. 


This delicious chat is very famous in Northern India due to its sour and sweet texture and therefore it is must try food in Ghaziabad.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed about the famous food in Ghaziabad, I hope you will try these foods whenever you came to Ghaziabad. Doesn’t matter which type of food you like because these foods will attract you and you can’t control yourself.

If you have any doubts or any questions, please comment and let me know your thoughts about it.

Happy Reading 🙂