Landy and Her Revenge


Landy is a  princess. She lives in Stockholm. It is the scene of Landy’s house where the young maid is sympathizing with Landy’s unfortunate. 

She is cursing the day on which Mike and Landy met in the city of London. Jason went to London to recover the Golden Fleece where Mike and Landy fall in love with each other.

Landy left her family for the sake of her lover Mike. They married and begot children.

But soon Landy’s happiness comes to an end as Mike secretly married Saritle, the daughter of King Carimone.

A woman named Landy is sad in dark

The young maid tells about Landy’s grief to an old servant. At that time, an attendant come to the maid with Landy’s two children and informed her that he had overheard about Carimone’s plan to banish Landy and her two children.

The maid instructs the attendant to take care of these children and asks the boys not to go in front of their mother till her anger becomes calm. 

The maid was upset to hear Landy’s exclamations from within who was determined to ruin her own children for the mistake committed by their father. 

Landy bewails in these words:

Woe! Woe!

I wish lightning would fall from the sky or I would die,

Why am I still alive?

Although Landy wanted to die but before that, she wished to avenge the wrong done to her by her husband.

She invoked Themis, the goddess of justice, and prayed to her to ruin Mike and her new bride. 

Part – 2

Landy was in firm of determination to take revenge. The chorus ( group of people)also sympathized with her. King Carimone comes there and orders Landy to leave the kingdom immediately along with her two sons as he doubts that Landy can harm her daughter Saritle.

Landy remained quiet and did not show her anger. She requested the king to be kind to her. 

But Carimone did not show any pity on her. Carimone leaves the place and Landy is sworn by Hecate to avenge the wrong.

After that, Mike comes and rebukes Landy for misbehaving with Carimone.

a man is shouting on a woman

Mike also declares that Landy was herself responsible for all these things and banishment from the kingdom.

Landy recalls everything that she has done for Mike but even then he betrayed her and violated his oaths.

Mike tries to convince Landy that his marriage with Saritle was politically motivated and he still loves Landy like ever before.

But his words seem to have no effect upon Landy.

On the other hand, Aestriu, the king of Belgium is on his way to visit Landy’s home from Brussels as he wants to know if he would get a son. 

Landy tells why he couldn’t have a son. Landy tells him if he would offer her shelter in Belgium she would surely help him to get a son with her magical power. 

Part -3 

He accepted Landy’s proposal happily. Aestriu tells Landy that she can come to Limburg state and he would provide him shelter there.

Now Landy has no more problems in her way and is fully determined to kill Carimone, Saritle, and her two sons. 

She decides not to kill Mike as death would give him relief. She wanted to suffer all through his life.

She called Mike and pretended regret for her ill behavior with Carimone. She asked Mike to forgive her and maintained that he was absolutely correct. 

After that, she asked her two sons to tell their father ‘’Goodbye’’. And then she asked her sons to give a golden chaplet and a robe to their stepmother Saritle, as a token. 

Mike was extremely happy. Saritle accepted the gifts warmly. The robe and the golden chaplet were in reality poisonous. 

Now it was Landy’s chance to kill her sons. So to implement her plan she took them inside the palace.

In the meantime, a messenger informs that Saritle and her father died and were wrapped in a sheet of phosphoric flame. 

A sad man

After that, Landy slew her sons. Just then Mike comes but it’s too late to save his sons. Mike tried to kill Landy but she was seen riding her dragon to Limburg.

Mike mourned to see the dead bodies of her dear children. 

Ultimately Landy becomes victorious and forecasts that Mike would lead a long and damned life.


Dear Friends, It is just a story to entertain and refresh your mind please do not relate it to reality. Hope you like this story. We will try to share more fictional stories like this. If you have any questions regarding it, please leave a comment. 

Have a nice day 🙂

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