Top 20 Indoor Plants in India

Many trends will come and go but the popularity of keeping Indoor plants at home will always remain. Indoor plants enhance the beauty of home decor and give a wing to positivity in your house. With the new era you have seen people gifting indoor plants to their loved ones also. According To religious beliefs, It’s very good to have indoor plants in your home. So if you’re looking for indoor plants for your home then this article is for you because I will tell you in detail about the Top 20 Indoor plants in India.


Let’s get started

1. Snake plant

The Snake plant is also known as “ Mother-in-law’s tongue”. It is not difficult to manage and it mostly thrives in low light. It also absorbs bad particles in the form of toxins and it converts carbon dioxide into Oxygen.

Benefits of Snake plan

1 Good in mental health

2 Wings to positive energy

3 Filter indoor hair

4 Brings Good luck

5 Financial Success

6 professional success

2. Money Plant

Money plant is a very common indoor plant and a popular one too that people use to carry in their homes. It works well in both soil and water. It improves air quality and brings harmony to the house.

Benefits of Money plant

1. Bring money

2. Reducing stress

3. Helps in reducing allergies

4. Easy to grow

5. Helps in fighting insomnia

6. Helps in productivity

3. Aloe vera

I don’t think anyone doesn’t know about the Aloe vera plant. Almost 90% of people have that in their home. But do you know, other than home decor, it has many uses like for allergies, glowing face, helps in removing tanning,  and turns out to be a healthier juice because it is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D  and E.


 It should be kept where the sunlight direction is.

Benefits of Aloe Vera plant

1. Reduces plaque in teeth

2. Brings money

3. Reduces constipation

4. It helps in lowering blood sugar levels

5. It helps in hair growth

4. The Lucky Bamboo Plant

Another popular Indoor plant is the Lucky Bamboo plant. It is easy to grow and usually kept in the window for indirect sunlight. It can be grown in soil and clean water and must be changed every 2 weeks.

If its branches are cut separately then it can be used as a decorative purpose. If you want to grow the lucky bamboo plant you can follow these steps.


Benefits Of The Lucky Bamboo Plant

1. Low- maintenance plant

2. Easy to grow

3. Good for decorative purposes

4. Positive energy

5. Cleans the air in the home

5. Peace lily

With its name suggesting” Peace lily”, it provides a feeling of peace to your home. What is most interesting about this plant is that it doesn’t require a good amount of water and sunlight. It improves the indoor air quality.


Benefits Of Peace Lily

1. Promotes good sleep

2. Remove toxic air

3. Brings harmony

4. Good for mental health

5. Bring positive energy to your life.

6. Spider plant

Another beautiful plant that comes to mind is the Spider plant which has long and thin leaves and is coloured mixed with green and white stripes. Furthermore, it is also responsible for removing toxic air which ultimately helps in improving the air quality.


Benefits of Spider plant

1. Helps in air purification

2. It helps in benefit for children and pets

3. It helps in the reduction of humidity

4. Helps in reducing stress

5. Helps in the fast recovery

6. Brings good fortune

7. Areca Palm

Areca Palm is known for its cool and funky vibe. The best part about this plant is that it doesn’t require much water and soil to cultivate. Of all the indoor plants, it is one of those indoor plants that grows faster than anyone else. It has long and sharp green leaves.


Benefits of Areca Palm

1. Brings good fortune

2. Helps in maintaining good health

3. Money attracts

4. Positive energy

5. Purifies Air

8. Rubber plant

A beautiful plant known for its Impressive and large oval leaves. The rubber plant is regarded as one of the most popular indoor plants in India. It is beautiful because of its dark glossy leaves appearance which is the reason it has become very people in the home and will always be a priority for Interior designers.

rubber plant

Benefits of Rubber plant

  1. Helps in curing allergies
  2. Purifies air quality
  3. It requires low – maintenance
  4. Brings good fortune
  5. Reduces stress

9. Flamingo Flower Point

One of the most beautiful Indoor plants is the Flamingo Flower plant. If you’re the one who wants to experience a different color other than green, then this indoor plant is waiting for your home to enhance its beauty.

With its colorful blossoms of orange, red, and much more.


Trust me! That will look classy in your house.

Benefits of Flamingo Flower plant

1. Enhance the beauty of home

2. Improves air quality

3. Produce oxygen

4. Improves the mood

5. Helps in building concentration

6. Low maintenance

10. Chinese Evergreen

One of the roughest and toughest Indoor plants is the Chinese Evergreen. It has a bright texture and it doesn’t need much care as compared to other indoor plants. So if you have a small family, who are all working, then it’s a good option to have because I told you that plants don’t need much care.

Benefits of Chinese Evergreen

1. Removes toxic air

2. Brings positivity

3. Brings good fortune

4. Good for health

11. Warneck dracaena

Another beautiful Indoor plant that comes with Low maintenance, It thrives in low light which purifies the air so well and ultimately helps in good breathing. One more point is, In summer you can also keep a balcony. It is also known as house plants.

Benefits of Warneck Dracaena

1. Low maintenance

2. Compatible with both indoor and outdoor

3. Do not require lots of water

4. Contributes to health benefits

5. Air purifying

12. Heart Leaf Philodendron

Heart leaf philodendron is a heart-shaped beautiful plant. It will look really good on a study table or in the living room and like other plants, it also maintains the air perfectly which is good for breathing. As its name indicates, this plant makes the relationship stronger.

Benefits of Heart leaf philodendron

1. Builds good relations

2. Purifies air quality

3. Giving an amazing look to your house

4. Helps in good sleep

5. Helps in fighting with insomnia

13. Gerbera Daisy

 Gerbera Daisy is one of those plants that will surely enhance the beauty of your home with its classy look. The flowers are orange in color and this color is known for excitement, warmth, and freshness

Interestingly, this plant works the same in your life, if you put this in your house.

Benefits of Gerbera Daisy

1. It provides a positive energy

2. Helps in boosting mood

3. Promotes healthy relationships

4. Good air quality

5. Boots financial success

14. Croton

Croton plant is very rich in colors including green, orange, and red. It’s one of the beautiful plants that add so much value to beauty to your home. You can keep it in direct sunlight for at least 4 hours a day, then you will see its actual beauty.

Benefits of Croton

1. Used in treatment for diabetes, high cholesterol levels and in reducing weight loss

2. Brings energy

3. Brings good fortune

4. Purifies air quality

15. String of Pearls plant

A string of pearls plants has become very popular these days, because of its appearance. It is one of the unique styles of indoor plants that you will ever come across. You will surely enjoy the presence of this plant and it can be used as any decorative method.

Advantage of String of Pearls plant

1. It is a natural purifier

2. It can be used in decoration

3. Brings good fortune

4. Builds good relationships

16. Paddle plant

Paddle plant is in Paddle shape which itself is regarded as very unique and beautiful to the eye. Interestingly, Paddle plant leaves are generally flat and it looks like a pancake.


It is very good for breathing and it makes the relationship in the family stable and stronger.

Advantages of Paddle Plant

1. Brings prosperity in life

2. Give wings to luck and success

3 Helps in maintaining peace of mind

4. Helps in facing insomnia

17. Lemon Button Fern

Lemon button fern is another very popular Indoor plant that people used to carry in their houses because of its lemon scent which gives a sense of freshness. You can keep it anywhere in the house; most people carry it in the bedroom.

Benefits of Lemon Button Fern

1. Brings positive energy

2. Brings good fortune

3. It gives freshness

4. Non-toxic for pets

18. Tillandsia

Tillandsia is for those who are very lazy in terms of gardening or unable to present most of the time to take care of plants. I’m saying this because it is a very low-maintenance plant and it’s a juicy plant that keeps on growing. It’s a good plant to have in your house.


Benefits of Tillandsia

1. Low-maintenance

2. Purifies air

3. It can be gifted

4. It gives you a sense of freedom and positivity

5. It lowers stress

19. Coleus

Coleus is arguably one of the most beautiful indoor plants for your house. If you want to impress your hosts, then this plant is for you. I’m saying this because of two reasons.

1) Beautiful contrasting color that can impress anyone with its beauty.

2) This plant stands at 90 degrees straight, which is very pleasing to the eye because of its figure.


Benefits of Coleus

1. Purifies air

2. Helps in fighting Insomnia

3. Financial Success

4 Professional Success

20. Bunny Ear Cactus

The Bunny ear cactus plant is the cutest among all the plants I listed above. It resembles the ear of a Bunny. It will look really good in the house. What’s special about this, this is a very low- maintenance plant. The point to be noted is to make sure that it should be away from children.


Benefits of Bunny ear cactus

1. Low maintenance

2. Purifies air

3. Brings financial success.


How to take care of Indoor plants?

To take care of Indoor plants in India, you need to water according to the plant’s needs, you need to check the soil moisture and thirdly you need to consider the sunlight whether the plant needs indirect sunlight or direct sunlight rays.

Which is the cheapest indoor plant in India?

Here is the list of the cheapest plants in India is 

1. Aloe vera

2. Snake plant

3. Peace lily

4. Anthurium

5. Philodendron

Which is the easiest indoor plant to care for?

The easiest indoor plants to care for are the Snake plant, spider plant, and philodendron plant.

Why is a Houseplant so expensive?

There are so many reasons why houseplant is expensive. First, it is difficult to grow, secondly, they need expert care, failure percentage is very high in this type of plant, so that is why managing all these, prices is high.

Do plants bring good luck?

It depends on the plants you choose, however, there are so many plants that bring good fortune to your life. Plants like for example: money plants and lucky bamboo plants attract financial success.


Going for Natural indoor plants in India for your beautiful home and taking care of them is a better option than buying artificial plants that are made of plastic. In the above article, you come to know that it does not only enhance the beauty of your home but is also beneficial in so many terms

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy those amazing indoor plants for your home.

I am looking forward to your views about my article and I hope I can give a solution to your query.


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