How to Reach Ghaziabad Railway Station by Metro?

Hello guys are you visiting Ghaziabad ?? If yes and you want to go to the railway station by metro then this article is for you.

In this article, I will tell you how to reach Ghaziabad railway station by metro.


Ghaziabad is famous for multiple reasons for example in food it is famous for chaat.

In ZILA GHAZIABAD movie there is the scene of “chopla mandir Ghantaghar” and many more.

Ghaziabad Railway station by Metro

The last metro station in Ghaziabad is “Shaheed Sthal” which is directly not connected to the railway station.

There are three ways to visit the Railway station.

  1. Shared Auto-Rickshaw 

A shared auto-rickshaw is the cheapest and easiest way to reach the railway station.

The only you have to do is exit from gate no 1 Shaheed Sthal and take an auto rickshaw to the railway station he will take Rs.10 for the charges and drop you in front of the road which goes directly to the railway station from there you only have to walk 2mins.

  1. Ola/uber

Nowadays cab services are very popular and comfortable but they are more expensive than shared auto-rickshaws.

In some cases, it also takes time to reach the cab there but comfort-wise wise it is the best option.

  1. Booked Auto- Rickshaw

You don’t want to wait for the cab and don’t want to share the rickshaw so it is the best option.

Generally, it takes Rs.50 to Rs.100 for their charges.

It is also a cheap and comfortable option which you can use to reach the railway station.

In this option, you don’t have to walk a 2 min distance. The autorickshaw will release you just in-front of the station.


There is no direct connection between the metro and the railway station so here are the 3 options for the How to Reach Ghaziabad Railway Station by Metro?”.

You can choose it as per your suitability.

In the last I only want to ask a question is this article helpful to you?? If yes then answer me in the comment.

Meet you in the next article till then be happy and be healthy.

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