Facts About Gold: All Things You Should Know Before Buying 

The festive season is on the way and we all have some specific requirements but if we talk about our beautiful ladies, how can we forget them?

We all want to make our lady happy therefore we should buy a gift for them and what about if it will be gold jewelry?

I always buy beautiful necklaces, rings, or any other jewelry to make her happy. Sometimes she wants diamonds but she likes gold and silver more than diamonds. 

Do you know?

We can identify gold as per their quality, but how?

Don’t worry. Buddy, We will know all these things and facts about Gold in this article. If you want to identify gold in seconds and perfectly then this article is only for you.

Let’s start our topic with an Introduction to Gold.

Facts About Gold: Discovery and History 

  1. Gold is found on the earth that comes from the debris of dead stars.
  2. Gold was discovered by Ancient Egyptians around 4000 B.C
  3. Zosimos, an Egyptian Alchemist, who was mining for something else gets Gold by chance in a region named Nubia. 
  4. At that time, they used Gold as an exchange and rarely to make ornaments. 
  5. ‘’Geolu’’ means ‘’Yellow’’ and the color of that metal is Golden yellow color. In the twelfth century, middle English brought another evolution to the word, and the word ‘’Gold’’ came into existence. 
  6. “Au” the symbol of gold is founded by the Latin Aurum. 
  7. Gold coins were first used by King Croesus of Lydia( an area that is now a part of Turkey).
  8. 24 carat is the pure gold with no other metals.
  9. 18 carat gold is the poorest quality of gold with 75% of gold and 25% of other materials.
  10. The pure Gold color is always bright yellow. White gold can be made by a mixture of gold and nickel. If we mix copper and gold it will become rose gold.
  11.  Psyche 16  is a planet that is rich in metals like Gold, Platinum, Nickel, and Iron.
  12. Gold is also used for industrial purposes like making electricity wires, connectors, and conductors.

Amazing Facts About Gold

  1. The Sun contains almost 2.5 trillion tons of gold which is enough to fill Earth’s oceans and more.
  2. Rose Gold’ is an alloy made from gold and copper.
  3. Gold is the color of success.
  4. Hindus wear gold mostly than other religions because they believe gold makes pure anything it touches.
  5. Pure Gold can not be destroyed. It can not be destroyed by anything like fire and rust.
  6. The United States has the largest gold reserve as it has 8000 metric tons of gold.  
  7. About 244,000 metric tons of gold have been discovered to date.
  8. Gold is the only metal whose color is yellow.
  9. Pure Gold is stretchable.
  10. ‘Subarnarekha’ is known as “Streak of Gold”. It is a river that passes through West Bengal and Orissa until it reaches into the ‘Bay of Bengal’.
  11.  Gold comes in third place in expensiveness as Rhodium is the most expensive metal in the world.
  12. ‘The Gold Lamborghini Aventador Model Car’ is a toy car model worth $7.5million. The model is covered with gold, hundreds of diamonds, and precious stones. It is one of the most expensive toys in the world.
  13. The first Golden Mask is used by a Pune businessman who wore a golden mask in the Corona period that was worth Rs.2.89 lakh.

Facts about Gold: Do You Know?

  1. Most people buy Gold on the occasion of  Makar Sankranti, Akshaya Tritiya, and Dhanteras
  2. Australia and Russia have most of the Gold reserves in the world.
  3. China has the highest demand for gold jewelry. It is the world’s largest producer of Gold and it has maintained its position for over a decade.
  4. Shanghai Gold Exchange( SGE) is the biggest market for gold.
  5. 24 karat gold (24k) is the pure form of gold.
  6. Male Travellers can carry only 20 grams of gold with them and female travelers can carry 40 grams of gold with them in India.
  7. Jaun Paulson’ is an American hedge fund manager and billionaire who is famous for having one of the biggest privately owned gold reserves in the world.
  8. Switzerland, Australia, and Canada have the purest form of gold and they are known for producing high-purity gold.
  9. The world’s heaviest jewelry is a pendant weighing 1011.15g. It is made of 18K gold and has a record for most diamonds set on a pendant.
  10. India has the world’s largest private gold holdings (Including private Gold jewelry and temples). 
  11. Gold Ghari’ is a delicious sweet made with pure gold(24K) and it costs 9000 INR per kg.
  12. The Melting point of gold is 1,064 °C. 
  13. Sripuram Golden Temple Complex’ is the world’s largest golden temple, situated in Chennai. It is covered with 1500kg of pure gold foil in 15 layers.
  14. ‘Data Phuge’ had prepared a golden shirt for him worth $240,000 by 22 Karat gold. He has gained his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive shirts.


As we have read about the most amazing and unknown facts about gold I hope you will like it.

When You buy any material of gold, please keep in mind that we can’t buy pure gold as it is stretchy. We will need to buy gold materials of 23Karat gold. Most of the people who buy jewelry prefer 23K gold.  

Trust me guys, I did not know all these interesting things about gold but when I researched, I found it very interesting and therefore you are reading the article here.

I will be waiting for your comments and experience about this article. 

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Have a good day 🙂

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