Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees (15 Plus)

Diwali is coming and it’s a festival of joy, victory, lights, and much more. On this day we used to firecrackers and give gifts to our loved ones, neighbors, and whosoever connected to us. But as the trend becomes more extended we also have to give gifts to our employees and we will discuss the best Diwali gift ideas for employees.

However, it’s not an easy task to select because as an owner you can’t figure out what budget and what type of gift they want from you.


But you don’t have to worry as you come to the right place because I will tell you the best Diwali gift ideas for employees.

Before coming to the main topic, first of all, I want to say that They also deserve the gift from you because employees are very important for the organization’s success.

so if you give some kind of bonus or gifts on Diwali then they will surely respect your work and will give their 100% effort to the work.

Fair enough?

 Diwali gift ideas for employees you should know about!

1. Cash:

 I don’t think employees will mind it. Giving cash bonuses as a Diwali gift will always be the priority for the employees. We all know that everyone can not like your choice, but receiving cash as a gift will always be happy with it.

2. Sweets/Chocolates

 Another amazing Diwali gift idea for employees is giving Sweets/chocolates. As Diwali is the festival of sharing sweetness. It’s considered a very relevant gift as it is not only easily available at bakery shops but also everyone loves it. People generally prefer Ladoo, Rasgulla, and Cashew nuts.

So what you can do is go to a bakery shop or sweets shop and order a sweets/Chocolate box with some beautiful message on a slip engraved on it. 

I’m sure that will surely work for you.

3. Customised gift hampers: 

  Customized gift hampers are very popular on the Diwali gift list. It’s a collection of selected items like chocolates, sweets, Dry fruits, etc. So you can order from some shops that make customized gifts according to your demand. 

You just have to ask them what is the most selling item of yours in the likes of eating items

And you have to tell them the budget and the rest work will be done by him.

4. Books: 

Being a boss, while making any decision, must have a positive effect on employees. As a boss, you are taking so much work from employees which not only increases the stress but also some work requires eye attention on the PC.

So gifting a book, not only helps them to refresh their mind but also a message that by reading books you must have a habit of learning every day and stay away from your comfort zone.

5.  Decorative items for them:

 As in Diwali all loves to decorate their home and buys decorative items from the market to give a fresh look to their house. So According to me, gifting decorative items to your employees will be the icing on the cake. 

And in return, they will surely tell the guests that they get the gift from the office.

So it’s not a bad idea to get appreciation from your employees’s guests also.

6. Premium pens:

  Pens are still companions for people because of their significance to work. It is very useful in office work but also a message to employees that you write your story on your own and make the goals for yourself that what you can do for yourself and for your company. 

I mean you can arrange a small meeting and motivate the employees following by giving a beautiful message before gifting this.

Make sure you give the gifts with a beautiful smile my friend!

7. Plants: 

As a boss, you should not have to be like a boss, you have to be a leader also which guides your team to the right path


You always lead from the front because your employees expect from you and then take orders. 

So I mean if you give them plants, then it may give a beautiful message of being environment friendly.

Isn’t it a good idea?

8. Wellness and Relaxation:

 Almost in all the festivals, people in the house become very busy, because they have to perform the rituals and prepare for that. For example: In the Diwali festival, you need to clean the house, worship arrangements, buy gifts, etc. To be precise, it has always been fun but also hectic for people.

So giving gifts like a Spa relaxation subscription will be a great Diwali gift for employees.

9. Gift coupons:

A gift is something very subjective according to liking, as some may like it or otherwise they will be forwarded to other people whom they want to gift. I am talking very practically because it happens!

So as a boss what you can do is to give an option to employees for Movie tickets, live concert tickets, standup comedian tickets, etc

And that kind of will always be accepted gracefully by employees because it will be solely used by employees. After all, their choice is included in it.

10. Coffe mug:

Very old type of gift but still it is very much in trend. A lot of companies used to give coffee mugs and the company‘s name was labelled on it. So you can give it too and it will surely look cool.

11. Online learning subscriptions: 

Now every person is very engaged with the Internet and they use their leisure time using social media platforms. So giving online learning subscriptions according to their interests will be a great gift. For example,  interests like cooking, photography, skills-based training, graphic designing, and much more.

They not only use their free time constructively but also improve their skill or develop new skills in them.

As a boss, you have to be empathetic, so that your employees will value more and help your company in achieving new heights.

12. Tech gadgets:            

 We all people use electronic gadgets like earphones, AirPods, speakers, and Power banks. Wireless chargers, trimmers, hair straighteners, etc. So according to gender, you can give them a trimmer for boys and a hair straightener for girls. 

And if you’re confused, then giving the power bank of a good company to your employees will be a good gift.

13. Cooking or baking appliances for them:

 Everybody has a kitchen for sure, everybody also needs Cooking or baking appliances for their kitchen. So gifting Kitchen appliances like a Dinner set, Chimney, air fryer, juicer, Premium vegetable chopper, etc will be a productive and amazing gift to the employees.

14. Online streaming subscription: 

 According To Statista, Nearly 550 million watch Online streaming videos which shows their love for it. So you can give a yearly Subscription like  Netflix Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. Employees will surely amazed by it.

15. Self-care kits:

 Today’s generation is very concerned about their skin and it’s an excellent idea to give self-care kits to your employees.

However, the self-care product may vary for different genders. For example, You can give men face wash kits to men and vice-versa because both genders have different skin.

16. Virtual fitness classes or Gym memberships:

Fitness should be considered seriously. As a gift, you always have to give that to two types of people

1. Who is not fit enough and do you think, he or she needs to do exercise to stay in shape?

2. The one who is a fitness freak, always has a keen interest in healthy diets.

So it’s the best option for them.


What are the Diwali gift ideas under 1000?

There are so many options for Diwali gifts under 1000 like

1 Chocolate box

2 Buying an online streaming video subscription.

3 Gift hampers

4 Dry fruit boxes

5 Self grooming kit

6 Coffee mugs

7 Pens

What are the Diwali gift ideas for your family?

Diwali is a very main festival for the Hindu community, it’s a ritual to share happiness in the form of giving gifts, so the lists of Diwali gift ideas for family are:

What are the Dhanteras gift ideas?

Dhanteras is considered a good day for buying gold, silver, and utensils. So you can gift a piece of jewelry to your wife and your family. And for the house, you can also buy some kind of utensils.

What if I don’t know what my employees want as a gift?

Not knowing the preferences and interests of employees is a normal thing, because you know them professionally, so what you can do is you can give a general gift to them like coffee, mugs, or kitchen appliances type of gifts.

Can I give religious gifts to employees?

I prefer you avoid giving religious gifts to employees because everyone has different beliefs, ethics, and values.

Where can I find Diwali gift ideas for employees?

You can find gifts online. On online shopping sites, you will get an amazing variety of gifts on Sites like Amazon, Flipkart Myntra, Nykaa, etc

And if you don’t do online shopping then you can go to shopping malls where you can a bundle of gift ideas at a good price. 


In conclusion, employees are not greedy irrespective of whatever the function is,  but they are greedy for appreciation and respect from the company. If they get the value in the form of a gift then they will believe that they belong to the company.

However, I can sense that you’re a good boss because you are here and reading my article related to Diwali gift ideas for employees and it means you value your employees and want to make a special day for them.

I’m very pleased that you all guys are busy building your business but still manage your time to read my article!

I hope you all get your answers to your questions and if not then you comment your queries and let me know about your views related to the article.

Happy Diwali 🙂


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