50 Business Ideas for Small Towns(with Extra Tips)

Starting a business in a small town can be rewarding as it gives many ideas for startups in many fields. We can also understand the needs of people in our small towns or villages. By Fulfilling their needs we can succeed in our business. 


Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy my friend, but it rewards a lot when you dedicate yourself to it by proper planning and arrangements. Today we will learn about the best business ideas for small towns but before that, we must know about startups in small towns and their concepts.

Small-Town Startups

Small-town startups are newly started businesses that are established in less populated areas or villages rather than in highly populated cities. These types of startups basically fulfill the needs of their local areas. Here are some business ideas for small towns you must try. 

Business Ideas for Small Towns

There are so many business ideas for small towns but we will discuss on new and trending business ideas. Your step by step guide is here. Keep reading for good knowledge.

1. Local Services

a. Lawn Care and Landscaping Services 

When you provide lawn care services you will have to fertilize the soil, perform pest control, and use seeds in the proper places. On the other hand, Landscaping services are performed as the transportation of outdoor spaces.

b. House Cleaning and Maid Services

It is also the most demanding service people generally look for. Business performs their roles by providing satisfactory cleaning services to their employees who have special equipment to complete the task.

c. Pet Grooming and Boarding 

You can also start your business by providing pet grooming and boarding services. Pet grooming services provide special care to pets like dogs or cats. In pet grooming services you will have to provide them with these services.

  •    Bathing 
  •    Brushing 
  •    Nail Cutting
  •    Improves the pet’s appearance

Pet boarding services are lodging services in which pet lives in their kennels under the guidance of the caretakers.

d. Home Repair and Handyman Services

By Providing home repair and handyman services you must provide these basic services like checking the water heater, chimney flue, painting, Kitchen remodeling, plumbing and electricity works, and gutter cleaning. 

e. Auto Repair and Maintainance

In the fast-moving world, everyone travels via autos or vehicles, and providing auto repair and maintenance services can be a beneficial idea for you. To get the proper knowledge first do the job as an employee in a company that provides auto repair and maintenance services. So, you can learn repairing methods and handling customers.

2. Food and Beverage Services 

a. Cafes or Coffee Shops 

In small towns, it is a rare chance that we find a cafe or coffee shop. If you do have not enough money then don’t invest a large amount of money, Try to serve coffee in these areas where people generally visit. Give your business a start and it will slowly become your dream business. After a  few years, when you have enough money you can start a cafe and maintain your business accordingly.

b. Bakery or Dessert Shops 

People love to eat delicious dishes by paying a sufficient fee. You can open a dessert shop or start a bakery business if you love to cook food and have some cooking skills. When you start your business ask people to try your dish and if they like they will surely start to pay you for that. Good cooks or bakeries often get orders due to the demands of people.

c. Local Restaurants or Food Trucks 

If you have the knowledge of food and recipes local restaurant business is for you. Focus on your secret recipes as people only like unique tastes. In the starting phase, Keep the prices low so more people can enjoy your restaurant’s food. Try to convince more people to taste your food with festive offers so that you can earn a high amount.

d. Organic or Specialty Food Markets 

Specialty food markets can be specific products or shops that concentrate on selling one single product(such as healthy food stores). Some special foods are below.

  • Gluten-Free Food 
  • Organic Foods
  • Kosher Foods
  • Halal Foods
  • Vegetarian Foods 
  • Local Foods 

e. Catering Services

Catering services are most demanding services in wedding seasons. In this service, you can provide food or beverages at hotels, restaurants, hospitals, pubs, etc. At different places, you have to serve different foods as per their needs for example:- You can not serve spicy foods to patients at hospitals.

3. Retail Services

a. Boutique Clothing Stores 

As we all need clothes, Starting a business in the clothing industry is beneficial for us. At the present time, most people prefer online shopping but you can start a small clothing boutique. 

You must analyze your small-town people’s clothes who prefer to wear like T-shirts, Pants, and other dresses related to women and kids. 

b. Gift Shops Featuring Local Crafts and Products 

Opening a gift shop in your small town can be a wonderful idea. You can sell many things like garments, Toys, Local products(arts and crafts ), useful things and special food in that area.

It may be a good start for your local business in small towns. If you are finding a large amount of gift shops in your area try to be specific. Start your business on a single thing based on the interest of your local area.

c. Thrift and Consignment Stores

Thrift store owners sell clothing, furniture, and household items at a discounted price. You just have to buy those things from the manufacturer company and you can earn a lot of money by selling them to your customer.

On the other hand, Consignment Stores sell second-hand things or items on behalf of the owner of those things to the needy person and the owner earns a commission for this. If you are confused between thrift and Consignment stores, You must check the difference between Thrift and Consignment Stores 

d. Farm Stands or Farmer’s Markets

You also start a business in your small town by opening a Farmer’s Market which means a retail market where farmers can sell their products directly to consumers It may be indoors or outdoors and typically consists of booths, tables, and other materials. Farmers markets are available in many countries which reflect the local culture and economy.

e. Specialty Stores, Such as bookstores or Hobby Stores 

 People like to get knowledge from books but before starting a business you must analyze the requirements of books and people‘s interests by using several online bookstores to take over the industry. 

Opening a hobby store depends on the hobbies of people who live in that area or small town. It will help a lot. Hobby stores specializing in modeling, craft supplies, specialty magazines, ship models, aircraft models, and house and building models.

4. Tourism and Recreation Services

a. Bed and Breakfast 

You can also start your business by providing bed and breakfast services. In this service, you will have to provide overnight accommodation and breakfast in the morning. Sometimes, It can be a private family home with 4 to 11 rooms. Your customer will pay you for that room overnight and for the morning breakfast.

b. Tour Guide Services

You can become a tour guide by accompanying the visitors to tourist attractions of your small towns. You just have to provide the information of the place where your tourists are visiting to make the most of the experience to them.

c. Outdoor Adventure Activities

Outdoor Adventure Activities( Hiking, Biking, Canoeing, Fishing etc.). You can start your business by offering outdoor adventure activities. Many people like to spend weekend time with family enjoying outdoor adventure activities. You can check here the examples of outdoor activities.

d. Antiques or Art Shops 

Art shops are fascinating business ideas for small towns. You can buy the paintings from painters or crafts persons and then sell them at the appropriate fee but always keep in mind that the craft or antiques(objects that show some unique design) attract the buyer.

e. Event Planning and Hosting (Weddings, Birthdays, Festivals etc.)

Providing event planning services is of good business idea for small towns if you are interested in it and can manage many works at a time. It has different types of responsibilities like decor, and unique planning( providing options, Floor plants, etc.) to help envision the dreams of your customer. You must also prefer experienced vendors and expertise to transform your event.

For entertainment options, you can include a live band, DJ, acrobats, etc.

5. Health and Wellness

a. Fitness and Yoga Studios

You can start a fitness and yoga studio it is also a demanding industry that people are looking for. As a yoga trainer, you have proper knowledge of different yoga poses so that you can provide men’s and women’s yoga classes. 

Additionally, as a Fitness trainer, you must know about different workouts, healthy foods, and therapy for every body part to make your customer or client fit and healthy.

b. Nutrition and Wellness Coaching 

If you have sufficient knowledge and you have learned in deep about nutrition and wellness, you can start a coaching by providing them with the complete information. As a wellness coach, You have to look after every dimension of an individual’s life which is physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, wellness, etc. 

Before starting the nutrition and wellness coaching you must know the role of the nutrition and wellness coach.

c. Massage Therapy and Spa Services

You can start your business by providing different massage therapies- Swedish massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Aura Signature Massage, Balinese massage, etc whereas Spa services provide body treatments that include a sauna, whirlpool, jet bath, steam room, Clay or herbal body masks, manicure, pedicure, waxing, etc.

d. Natural or Holistic Health Products

Selling Natural or Holistic health products is a great business idea for small towns. These products are a collection of health products which is made from natural things, herbs, shrubs, flowers, fruits, etc. 

e. Counseling or Therapy Services 

To provide counseling and therapy services, first, you have to take training to be a therapist who listens carefully to your clients or customers and provides them with information to deal with their emotional issues. 

Counseling(talk therapy) can be beneficial for those people who are facing some issues in their lives. It doesn’t matter if they are individuals, couples, or family members.

6. Education and Training

a. Tutoring Or Educational Services

You can provide educational services or tuition to students one by one or in groups. To get an early result in this business be specific to other tutors and their subjects. You must start with your well-known subjects, Always choose the easiest way to teach students. Don’t let them they are studying, make things clear as much as you can and it can be done if you teach students in a practical way. 

b. Language Classes or Workshops 

You can also earn a lot of money by providing language classes or courses. You must know global languages English, Spanish, Chinese, Latin, and more.

In language classes, tutors teach their students to read, write, speak, and understand the language. 

c. Craft or DIY Workshops 

If you have knowledge of arts and crafts, you can teach many students who want to learn Craft or DIY. Your coaching may be offline or online.

In the digital age, Most people are providing their workshops virtually( online mode). As a startup business, it may take time but as soon as people know you and have trust in you they will prefer you.

d. Music or Dance Lessons

Have sufficient knowledge of music or musical instruments? 

Then, why you are waiting for it? Start your business by providing music lessons. There are rarely a few places where musicians teach about music and play musical instruments.

On the other hand, You can also provide your clients with dance classes offline or online. As different people have different dance form choices, You should start your dance class as per your expertise in that dance form like Kathakali, Hip-hop, Robotics, etc.

e. Computer or Technology Training

In the present time, Many people are learning about computer skills to gain sufficient knowledge in it. Many of us are working from the computer but before getting a job or starting a business in this field everyone wants to learn some basic skills in computer. Therefore, It is a great business idea for small towns. 

7. Technology and Online Businesses

a. E-commerce Stores Selling Niche Products

You can also start your online business by starting an e-commerce store with a niche specific that is overlooked by other businesses. You can choose any niche like handmade things, pet foods, trendy t-shirts, eco-friendly products( like pots, compost, etc.), beauty products, gadgets, and many trending things.

b. Remote Work Consulting and Services

A remote consultant provides services like team management, human resources, and other aspects that help companies make their employees work productively and efficiently.

To become a remote work consultant you must know what is it and how to become.

c. Web Design and Digital Marketing

Web Design and Digital marketing are the most demanding industries in the digital era, whether you start an online business, or work as a freelancer on online platforms. Due to a high demand for web design and digital Marketing, you can provide services related to it like SEO, Content writing, Website management, Design, etc. 

d. App Development and IT Support

To provide App development services you have to gather business requirements, Testing, coding, design, and ongoing improvements of software. On the other hand, For IT Support services you will have to provide cyber security, data backups, Monitoring, troubleshooting, emails, etc.

e. Content Creation( Blogging, Video Production)

A business in Blogging is only available if you have some patience as content creation, like blogging, video production, etc. takes time but sometimes you can earn money quickly. But don’t underestimate it as it has a different level of earning potential. It takes time but when you receive the amount from the customer your good work may make you a millionaire.

8. Agriculture and Farming 

a. Specialty Crop Farming (e.g., Organic vegetables or herbs)

To start a business in the agriculture field we should do market research. After researching we have found that Specialty crop farming may be beneficial as a startup business. Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, nursery crops, horticulture, floriculture, etc. fall into Specialty crop farming.

If you have enough land, you can grow trees and sell the products at market rates.

b. Agrotourism Activities (e.g., Pumpkin Patches or Apple Orchards)

Agrotourism activities are business that offers the experience of farming and agriculture to visitors. You permit visitors to view and experience all agriculture processes like growing, plowing, harvesting, local processing, farm cooking, and in-farm living, etc. 

To get started with this business you must know how to start an agro-tourism business

c. Livestock Farming(e.g., Poultry, Goats)

Domestication of pets and using them for pleasure or to get goods like eggs, meat, wool, milk, fur, and many more are called livestock farming. Farmers earn a lot of money by using these animals. It would be a great idea if you could take care of animals and domesticate them properly.

d. Honey or Beekeeping Business

Honey-making business or beekeeping business involves caring for and nurturing bees to get bee products, such as honey, beeswax, flower pollen, royal jelly, and bee pollen.

Beekeepers are also known as apiarists and the colony(workers, drones, and queen) that make honey is called an Apiary.

e. Greenhouse or Nursery Operations

Nursery crops are trees and shrubs, whereas greenhouse crops include flowers, herbs, and vegetables. The Nursery industry grows plants of all kinds but the greenhouse industry grows seasonal plants such as tomatoes during the freezing season. By Handling these operations carefully, you can start your business and earn money by selling these products at the market rate or at your choice.

9. Real Estate and Property Management

a. Real Estate Agency or Brokerage

A real estate agency helps people to buy, and sell real estate and they get a commission when the deal is complete. A real estate agency represents either the seller or the buyer. Broker does the same job and he can hire employees. This business provides a bug commission therefore it is one of the best business ideas for small towns.

b. Property Management Services

Starting a business in property management services, you have these responsibilities to complete such as daily oversight of residential, commercial, or industrial real – estate by a third-party contractor. You will be responsible for day-to-day repairs and ongoing maintenance, security, etc.

c. Vacation Rentals or Airbnb Hosting

If you have real estate property you can provide vacation rentals that help tourists to stay there. It requires day-to-day maintenance of the rental property and also requires a high amount of funds to make it more luxurious. Luxurious rentals can be sold at high prices.

d. Home Inspection and Appraisal Services 

These services are essential components of the real estate buying and selling process. Home inspection focuses on the condition of a property, whereas appraisal determines its market value. Both services are critical for buyers, sellers, and lenders in real estate transactions. If you need to start your business in this field you must know the difference between home inspection and appraisal services.

e. Real Estate Investment and Development 

Investment in Real estate means buying properties at minimum prices. Real estate sometimes requires development if that is out of date, old-designed, or if you want a more luxurious property to sell at a high cost.

Real Estate Investors buy properties at minimum costs and invest in them to make them more comfortable, luxurious, and attractive. There is a risk of delay in construction, market fluctuations, and regulatory hurdles. 

10. Transportation and Delivery

a. Local Courier and Delivery Services

You can also earn money by working as a delivery man or woman. There are many companies like Amazon, Swiggy, Flipkart, Meesho, and many more that are always looking for delivery persons to do their jobs. In the digital era, most people do their shopping online and therefore it is a requirement of delivery persons. 

b. Taxi or Shuttle Services 

If you have your driving license you are permitted to provide taxi services in your local area. It would the one of the best business ideas for people who have experience in driving vehicles in small towns. Although, there are many apps or online businesses that provide taxi services with just 1 call but most people still prefer local drivers first. 

c. Bicycle Rental or Repair Shop

Starting your business by renting bicycles may be a profitable business idea for small towns. In big cities, people generally use two-wheelers like bikes or other means of transport but in small towns, people or students use bicycles to reach their destinations.  Therefore, they also require a bicycle repair shop to fix any issue with their bicycles. Before starting a business you may require to work as a repair man in a shop so you will get some experience.

d. Moving and Hauling Services

If you have your own goods vehicle you can start your business by transporting heavy materials like auto parts, shipping, and other materials it is known as moving services. If you don’t have your own goods vehicle buy it and start your business.

On the other hand, Hauling services are the services in which you transport vast quantities of goods or raw materials across long distances.

e. Auto Detailing or Car Wash 

Like its name ‘Car Wash’ you just have to clean the car to protect its upper layer whereas Auto Detailing means maintenance of the car internally and externally. Therefore, people who want to use their Vehicles for a long time prefer auto detailing at least once a year. To provide the best service you must know the differences between Car Wash and Auto Detailing.


We have discussed about 50 Business Ideas for small towns but not in detail but where we think that you need more knowledge to start that business, we have added the reference link. Please visit that page and get all information. Before starting any business you must know all aspects like pros, cons, and your efficiency to do the business if you can do the business better than the job then please go ahead and start now. We all know our potential and patience rate. 

Always keep it in mind don’t compare yourself with anyone else as there is no one like you.

Work hard and keep going until you reach the goal. We(Team General Funda) wish you all the best for your startup Business.