14 Effective Mental Health Activities For Teens


Nowadays, Most teens are suffering from mental disorders like stress, anxiety, etc.

We also want to be fresh minded and productive in our work space but is that okay for us if our mental health is disturbed and we still working regularly? No, It’s not.

So in this article, we will discuss some points to improve your productivity, reduce stress and anxiety.

One of the most important things is that, I am also going to share some of my personal mental health activities that helps me a lot to be productive and free from anxiety, so be ready to read about these best mental health activities to boost your mental health now.

Spend Time with Loved Ones 

“Oxytocin” is a chemical which releases when we talk to our loved ones. It is also known as the chemical of trust and confidence.

The best option is talking to our mother because researchers have found that a mother’s voice is the best medicine for stress relief.  

A mother is motivating a stressed child

At the same time, it also refreshes our minds, increasing our performance and productivity.

So spend time with your loved ones and create exciting memories.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise has multiple benefits including physical health and mental health.

A feamle is doing exercise

During exercise, we require more oxygen to breathe which increases the blood circulation in our body and brain.

The increased blood circulation in the brain helps us to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, and waste produced by our brain 

Get Enough Sleep

some girls are sleeping

We generally ignore this point but trust me it is a basic need of our body and most importantly it plays a vital role in our brain health. 

Let me tell you what will happen if you don’t get enough sleep there may be chances of ➖

  1. Depression 
  2. Obesity
  3. Diabetes
  4. High blood pressure 
  5. Heart diseases
  6. Kidney disease

Now you can understand how important sleep is, let’s move to the following points.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating junk food regularly destroys your concentration and makes you physically weak.

A plate full of healthy diet

A healthy diet will help your brain to increase its memory try to add some :

  1. NUTS- will increase concentration power 
  2. Dark chocolate –  will maintain heart health
  3. Coffee-  will help us to maintain Blood pressure 
  4. Egg –  A proper source of protein
  5. Green tea –  will help us to maintain belly fat 

I don’t say to eliminate junk food, yes you can eat it occasionally.
But I don’t recommend you eat regularly

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Deep breathing and meditation are the most powerful techniques that change our thinking.

girl doing meditation

It seems simple but in the starting phase, it feels impossible to meditate because it’s a difficult task to make our brain empty.

The benefits of deep breathing are reduced negative thinking, Increased self-confidence, patience, and creativity. 

Spend Time in Nature

Are you a nature lover? If your answer is yes, then you can use this method to refresh your mind. It also provides some other benefits like:

two girl enjoying natural view
  1. Relax our mind 
  2. Enhance our mood
  3. Improves our  physical health
  4. Improves our confidence 
  5. Reduces stress and anger 

So just connect with nature and you will find a connection between you and nature.

Let me give you a task just lie down in a natural environment and listen to the sound of air and tell me whether you have loved it or not.

Create Art or Music

A boy playing piano

It’s not just limited to creating art and music you can do anything you love to do.

For example: If you are interested in games and want to know how games are created?  There are a lot of sources available online on how to create games.

Anything that increases your skill and is within your interest just follow in your free time and you are good to go. 

It gives you enjoyment at the same time it also improves your mental health.

Write in a Journal

First of all, let me clarify what is a journal. so a journal is nothing but a record of events, feelings, ideas daily thoughts, etc. 

a person writing in a diary putted on a table

Many researchers have found that writing in a journal will help you overcome overthinking, and it also helps in creating positive thinking.

In the beginning, you may feel awkward but making this a daily habit will help you fight your fears.

Read a Book

Daily reading a book will help you to increase your vocabulary and strengthen your brain.

A mother and a child reading a book

Not only this every chapter has some moral lessons which help us to follow the right path in our life.

It increases cognitive thinking and improves our reasoning.

Listen to Music

I know 99% of the readers love to listen to music. It is also one of the most common therapies for stress and anxiety.

A girl listening to music

Let me tell you actually what happens when we listen to music. Study says that when we listen to our favorite song the brain triggers a chemical named “Dopamine”.

Dopamine is a chemical also known as happy chemical. It also plays a vital role in mood, attention, etc.

Watch a Funny Movie or TV Show

Not every time grinding ourselves is the best option. For example, if you use a machine 24 hours a day then what will happen? Of course, it is going to heat up and will break down frequently.

a girl eating popcorn and watching TV

If you use a machine 18 hours a day and use proper coolant with the right method. It will complete your ambition without having a breakdown.

This also applies to the brain If you continuously use it your productivity becomes low. But if you give it timely refreshment you can work correctly with increased productivity.

Take a Walk or Hike

A girl walking on the beach

We all love moving to new places but we generally don’t have so much time to make a trip plan and enjoy it.

But we can go for a walk daily. It can help you with interacting with new people.

If you don’t feel good walking alone, you can take your friend. 

Because a friend is someone whom you love to talk with and who also loves to invest time with you

Spend Time with Pets.

Let me share my personal; experience. Every night after having my dinner I used to go on a walk with my pet.

A boy playing with his pet dog

We went to a park with a ball and played there until we got exhausted. Those days are unforgettable memories with my pet.

It was such an amazing experience because whatever we were feeling the whole day either it is disturbing or soothing.

We forgot that and enjoyed every moment.

Take a Break from Social Media 

Social media is good but in a limit, after that, it will create a negative impact on our brain. 

So that’s why taking a break from social media is important.

social media icons in phone

Try to meet people in real life instead of meeting online.

Now if you are one of those who are social media addicted let me tell you what should you do.

You can talk to a counselor or therapist regarding and you can also try a method like taking small breaks and timely increase the duration of breaks.

This method will help you to remove your addiction to social media


In this article, we have read about mental health activities for teens and how little changes to your lifestyle will help you to relax your mind and reduce stress. 

Activities like listening to music and getting proper sleep are the two easiest tasks for the relaxation of the mind.

At last I have a question for you which is your favorite song?

Or you can let me know which mental health activities you like most?

Because I am a music lover and I love to listen to new songs and I will wait for your answer in the comment section.

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